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3 Common ECG patient Simulation Benefits For ECG Monitor Testing

If you are in charge of purchasing for a major medical center, clinic, or hospital, it is possible to be overwhelmed by the cost of electrocardiography options, ECG patient simulators, and ECG simulation capabilities.

On the one hand, you think that the use of simulation is crucial in keeping monitors for patients in good functioning condition as the lives of a lot of your patients are dependent on these monitors.

The three essential ECG patient simulator  features include regular Heart Wave Simulation, arrhythmic Heart wave patterns, and Electric noise patterns.

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1- Regular heartbeat patterns

A range of normal heart wave patterns is available in each ECG simulator. It serves as a base to test the procedure. While real or fake heartbeats can be used the trick of mixing both is preferable, to provide the most accurate evaluation.

2- Real or synthesized arrhythmic heartbeat patterns

Based on the location of the heart muscle issues develop, and there are kinds of arrhythmias specific to the heart which could be observed on the ECG printout. 

The heart is divided into the right and left sides, as well as the atrium section (top smaller) and the ventricular part (bottom and larger).

3- Electronic noise patterns

In reality, there is always a lot of electric noise that is everywhere. One important component of noise includes the 60Hz noise which is found in the electrical wiring of structures in the USA and the 50 Hz noise which is prevalent in Europe. 

These noises along with other noises, possibly microwave-level noise from wireless and cell phone networks could be easily integrated into the output of an ordinary ECG patient simulator.