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4 Common Areas of Service of a Forensic Accountant

Sydney forensic accounting services

If you are bringing in a forensic accountant, you are probably dealing with a tax or finance problem, most likely to be a fraud or dispute case. Commonly, these professionals deal with a specific list of areas, serving businesses and individuals alike. Here’s where a forensic accounting service can help investigate your case.

Criminal Investigation

What’s the first idea that came to your mind after reading this? Most people would think of forensic accounting as an FBI-like job. Although forensic accountants are involved in criminal investigations, they aren’t the ones performing the job of the police. However, the security personnel, at times, need technical knowledge and skills in assessing certain documents, transactions, and records. And that’s where an accounting expert offers help in investigating a financial crime.

Dispute Resolution

You might have heard of big business people engaged in disputes over ownership, properties, and other things. While most of these disputes involve monetary angles, a forensic accounting service helps provide a fair resolution.

Reviewing Insurance Claims

That’s another area where the money is involved. And where the money comes with a problem, a forensic accountant comes to the settlement. However, most times, a forensic expert is required to verify accounting records or review business performance in this case. And since corporate people also take insurance covers for their businesses, a forensic accountant is deployed to check for any possible cause of a fraudulent claim.

Fraud Investigation

A famous role of forensic accounting, fraud investigation involves analyzing deception in a company or an organization. While detecting the cause and the culprit, the accountant also suggests possible ways of recovering the losses involved.

Besides, you can also use forensic accounting services in Sydney for family matters, shareholder disputes, professional negligence, and commercial disputes.