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A Business Coach/Consultant Is A Change Merchant

As a business consultant/trainer in an increasingly competitive world, your clients will often need to consider changes to their structures, systems, and procedures if they are to maximize their expected return on investment. Often my job is to be a corporate chiropractor.

Chiropractic, now recognized as a legitimate approach to sustainable health, is very different from traditional medical approaches but has a common denominator. You can also navigate to to look for a business coach.

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Most people will not turn to a doctor or chiropractor until they start experiencing "pain." This is the problem. Pain is nothing more than a symptom and in almost all cases a late symptom.

A person who has been a heavy smoker may eventually show up in the waiting room complaining of painful breathing. But aren't there countless symptoms that come before the decision is made to see "someone"?

You may have noticed shortness of breath; their teeth change color, they can develop a hacker's cough, there is dryness in their throat, there may be depression in their voice, they smell bad; You get the picture.

Perhaps all these symptoms are ignored until they reach "pain." At this point, the doctor may already have the proverbial hand and undergo surgery or something equally dangerous and invasive for the patient. And unfortunately from such a scenario, we get the expression that "medicine is worse than the disease.