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A Macular Degeneration Diagnosis in Toronto

It affects the composition of the eye called the macula, which is from the back part of the attention also involves the photoreceptors that provide central vision. They are able to conduct a macular degeneration evaluation to detect the disease. Sometimes AMD can be discovered at a regular eye exam. You can get to know more about macular degeneration via the best optometrist in Toronto.

One key AMD warning symptom is when an individual has yellowish deposits in the macula, called drusen. These could be found in a routine eye examination. Yet another eye test that can detect the disease is the Amsler grid.

macular degeneration optometrist

It is a test given to a patient with a pattern of straight lines that resembles a checkerboard. If the patient indicates several of those straight lines appear wavy, they may be experiencing AMD.

AMD could result from hereditary and environmental elements. Since the disease can occur with no observable symptoms, a watch doctor may test someone to get macular degeneration with no complaints. For those who have a family member who'd AMD, you need to let your doctor understand this. Eye doctors perform an exhaustive examination of the retina to determine any abnormalities at the macula.

When a physician detects that an individual has AMD, then they may order a macular degeneration test called fluorescein angiography.

This action is done for the identification and localization of abnormal cervical processes in the uterus. In this procedure, the physician inserts a harmless dye in the patient. 

The development of this dye is recorded by the system showing it as it reaches the eye and passes through the blood vessels. If the test shows there are vessels draining the blood of fluid in the macular, the graphics will present their exact position and type, which helps in treating the individual.