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A Quick Guide for Working Safely and Securely Near Underground Assets

All underground assets must be located prior to commencing any excavation work. The below listed will aid in this process:-

Dial-Before-You-Dig & Site Plans:

• Dial-Before-You-Dig is a national community free service that offers detailed information regarding the location of underground pipes and cables pertaining to the diverse utility companies around Australia. You can also hire preferred contractor for general engineering utilities in Los Angeles as per your needs.

• Dial-Before-You-Dig might not find out all underground pipes or cables as some may be part of a private fitting and some of Australia's underground asset owners are not members of Dial-Before-You-Dig.

• Never take for granted that the plans you get from your inquiry contain the accurate site of the underground assets. Assets still need to be cautiously and physically located for authentication.

• Generally, cables are covered at between 450mm and 1000mm, however soil might have been unintentionally removed from above the assets. Don't presume that cables or pipes would be positioned at a consistent or required depth.

• You need to place your application with Dial-Before-You-Dig for digging near underground infrastructure. Also, you can ring up their national call center at 1100.

• On the inquiry confirmation sheet, Dial-Before-You-Dig will offer you the contact information of the infrastructure owners. The owners may offer extra details on finding and working near their underground networks.