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All About Snake Plans

Think of it as an ornamental plant, snake plants are slow to grow with rigid leaves, which grow towards the upward direction. The sword is what a lot of gardeners use to describe the shape of the leaves. Many snake plants have a dark green ribbon that runs from the base to the end of the leaves. Thick plants of pointed leaves grow high up to four feet. You can also visit to know more about snake plants.

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The plant got its name from the hue design, shape, and leaf structure. When the plant is due, they turn into the darker green with cross-appeal and reach a width of up to six centimeters. The scientific name of the plant is the Sansevieria trifasciata, which is an eternal herbal eternal

If you are looking for adaptability, the snake factory is a good choice. This is relatively low maintenance and disease-free. It can grow on the poorest earth but does the best on sandy land. Placing plants where he receives bright light is the best.

As far as its watering needs, once every week for ten good days. However, if you keep plants in a windy room, the ground will dry out faster. If this describes your situation, monitor and adjusts the amount of water you provide. An extended period without water or excessive water is the only way you can kill snake plants.

Light cactus-type fertilizers can be used to feed plants. Perhaps the best propagation method is through division. If the plant exceeds the container, Spring is the best time to bother. The snake factory is reported toxic if eaten.