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All About Survival Axe

Many modern preppers fail to recognize the importance of an axe in a survival kit. Manufacturers think an axe should be one of the core four-bladed tools that everyone should have.

Axes can be devastatingly effective against metals and hard materials. They exploit the laws of physics, leverage and basic principles of physics to drive an edge through a surface using maximum force and minimal calories burned. You can find the best survival axe via

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An axe is a lifesaver for many situations, such as escape from a burning building or survival in the wilderness of the Pacific areas.

Considerations for survival axes

Weight distribution

Axes that have most of their weight in the head are more efficient. The laws of physics say that axes are less "punchy" if the weight is evenly distributed between the handle & head.

The head shape

How well an axes handle different materials will depend on its edge shape and thickness. Flatter edges are better for cutting wood or other natural materials because they have more contact with the material being cut.

Cutting vs. Splitting: Head thickness

The wide head of axes (also known as a fat pyramid) allows for more forceful splitting. It forces the wood apart by applying opposing pressure more than slicing through the material.

You can even search online for more information about survival axes.