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An Overview of Art Glass

Glass is more flexible than you think. This can be done in most shapes and colors. This allows artists to be creative and make amazing designs.

Here are a few different ways to work with glass:

Glass blowing: This method involves taking a piece of liquid glass and inflating it to make a bubble design. Both inflatable tubes and chopsticks are used to turn hand-blown glass into decorative works of art.

Glass Bead Making – Bead making is the oldest form of glass art that was made centuries ago and still makes a pretty impression on art today. Glass Fusing Supplies offers various types of glass molds that come in a variety of styles and designs.

Stained Glass – When the art of stained glass was first introduced, it was used primarily as a decorative window for cathedrals and churches. However, modern stained glass art can now be found in sculptures and three-dimensional works of art.

Glass Sculpture – Glass sculptures are elegant and beautiful works of art created by talented artists. This involves the process of cutting or combining glass into the desired design. Glue, metal, or wood can be used in the construction of the artwork. These types of art vary in price, which can cost up to thousands of dollars depending on what you are looking for.