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An Overview Of Smart Mirrors

The smart mirror is made from an LCD display covered with semi-transparent glass. The screen connects to a logic unit based on Raspberry Pi that manages all the functions of the mirror via a GNU/Linux operating system.

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Smart Mirrors in Biomedical Research

The availability of open-source software tools and inexpensive, yet sophisticated technologies provides a sandbox for exploring direct applications of smart mirrors in biomedical research as well. 

Initial studies focused on the feasibility of capturing health metrics and understanding how humans will interact with these new technologies. Preliminary efforts show proof of concept devices that can monitor a range of physiological parameters non-invasively, detect emotional states, and infer an individual’s risk for cardio-metabolic diseases.

One limitation we encountered in building a smart mirror prototype is we found fewer than anticipated off-the-shelf services for healthcare that we could evaluate.

Many features, in fact, still require additional research or technical development. However, we embedded different open source services linked to healthcare, e.g., mood detection as a measure of mental health and facial recognition for personalization.

Collectively, we confirmed the feasibility of creating an architecture for smart mirrors that could be tuned by a user based on his/her needs.