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An Overview to Australian Immigration Business Innovation Stream Visa

Australia is one of the most sought after destinations for all sorts of immigrants. From students to investors, from skilled employees to fun lovers, people from all over the world are willing to work and live in Australia. The main reason behind it is the peaceful and happy lifestyle and rapidly growing economy provided by the country.

The immigration and citizenship department has a policy under which successful business men under the age of forty five can apply to get business innovation stream visa in Australia.

business innovation stream visa

It is a temporary business visa that enables successful entrepreneurs to begin a new venture or continue a pre-existing business in the country. It is valid for four years. Visa holders may get the eligibility to apply for permanent residence after fulfilling certain conditions for at least two years.

To apply for an Australian Business Innovation provisional visa, you need to be below the age span of forty five years. Applicants should be able to provide the evidence or documents to prove past success in their business career with substantial turnover. 

You can apply for a Business innovation stream visa if you have been invited to apply for a visa. You will be receiving an invitation on the basis of expression of interest, so it is important that your EOI is impressive enough.

If you receive an application then you should apply within two months of submitting the application. It doesn't matter if you are in Australia or in some other country while submitting the application. 

In case you don't get the chance to apply within two months then immigration department will resend the invitation and you will again get sixty days to apply. It is suggested to apply after the first invitation only.

You will have to attach or submit required documents along with the application. Usually unavailability of proper documents is the reason behind delayed submission of visa application. The list of supporting documents is long and needs real attention.