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AOS Australian Made PVC Spanner Roll

AOS Australian manufactured spanner wraps are made to safeguard your tools and spanners and to keep them in one convenient area. They also serve as a useful shadow board that allows you to determine if all your tools are in order and are returned to you when the work has been completed or when the time for the end of the shift has come. 

The AOS wrench roll cases are constructed of heavy-duty Rip stop PVC, which is as tough as nails. They are the ideal solution to replace the spanner wrap that is falling to pieces and is durable enough to last for many decades to be. They feature the 50mm touch tape closure and pleated pockets to fit your spanner and tools easily.

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There are a variety of sizes and colors to pick from, allowing you to determine which spanner roll is the imperial set and the metric set simply by checking the color on the wrapping. The Tool rolls can be secured by Brass eyelets at either top corner easily should they be used in a fixed place and can also be marked with permanent markers or paint when desired.

AOS Medium Spanner rolls are designed to fit your ring open under STD metric, or an IMP set with the ratchet or non-ratchet head; the pleated pockets are plenty of space to accommodate the set. These spanner rolls can be utilized as a tool roll, or to store din spanners and other tools.