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Asbestos in Your House? Know What Precautions and Procedures to Follow

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Earlier people discovered asbestos as a useful construction material. It wasn’t until 1980 that its negative effects came into the limelight, leading to a ban. Although durable and fire-resistant, breathing in asbestos fibers caused mesothelioma, a type of lung cancer. However, still, many buildings still contain asbestos-based materials. And this proper prevention and control guide below will help you reduce the impact.

Prevention and Control

Even if you have a home built using a material containing asbestos, it might not be dangerous. Usually, asbestos impacts your health only after some disturbance releases it into the air. Thus, proper handling can make it danger-free. Here’s how you can prevent exposure.

  • Don’t try to eliminate asbestos materials on your own
  • Avoid scrap tiles that contain asbestos
  • Don’t scatter or touch asbestos-containing material
  • If you suspect anything containing asbestos, don’t sand, saw, drill, or cut it
  • Don’t use dust and broom cloth to clear asbestos debris. Use mop or wet rag.

Careful Inspection

Before renovating your pre-1970 built structure, check for asbestos presence. Create an inventory of the probably affected locations. While a mere inspection may not be enough, here are some places where asbestos is most likely to be present:

  • Soundproof ceilings
  • Boilers, furnace ducts, and steam pipes
  • Gasket cover and doors
  • Shingles, siding, and cement roofing
  • Artificial fireplace
  • Insulation around furnaces, wood-burning stoves, and electric wires

Proper Asbestos Disposal

Following are the precautions you should take to ensure the dangerous fibers aren’t released into the air.

  • Use eyewear and protective clothes in contaminated places
  • Isolate your building or site to restrict exposure to asbestos
  • Decontamination of the building or site thoroughly after removal

The best approach is to contact a professional asbestos removal in Newcastle NSW for hassle-free and error-free removal.