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Available Options For Dry Eye Treatment Near You!

There are many causes of dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome is a natural part of aging. Dry eyes are more common in women during menopause. The reason is unknown. Many common medications can cause dry eyes. 

Dry eyes can also be caused by living in dry, dusty or windy areas. Your eyes can become more dry from forced air heating or air conditioning. Dry eyes are more common in computer workers than for people who only use a computer occasionally.

Dysfunctional tear syndrome can also occur if you wear contact lenses. Contact lenses can protect the eye's surface from drying too quickly. This might work for your eyes, but not for your spouse. Contact lenses can cause more problems for people with dry eyes than those who have normal vision. 


Contact lenses are now available that release fluids or gels to the eyes, effectively reducing dry eye syndrome. Another option is Restasis eye drop. These drops increase the production of tear fluid in your eyes. 

Contact lenses can be worn while you are using "normal" drops. These eye drops, including artificial tears, should not be used. Sunglasses can be used to protect your eyes in dry and hot climates. Certain sunglasses offer greater protection by sealing the area around your eyes. 

Moving to a place with high humidity is one last option to reduce dryness. Higher humidity areas work better than those in colder climates. In most cases, there is no cure for dry eyes. However, most options can reduce the severity and improve your eye health. Talking to your optometrists is a great idea.