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Awareness, Meditation, and Yoga in Schools

In school, every young person learns mindfulness, meditation, yoga and careful listening. The underfunded students & academia in various cities are taking radical steps to prevent further violence in their community by teaching its students to seek a calmer and more harmonious lifestyle.

The Use of Meditation in Schools: What You Need to Know - Learning Liftoff

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Growing Up Mindful is a program that teaches students mindfulness, open and honest communication, yoga, and other awareness-raising activities. Knowing that this class has been included in the school curriculum with the approval and encouragement of the staff and principals is a dream come true.

This program is nothing special. Similar programs exist in many primary, secondary and secondary schools across the country. Yoga and mindfulness are also offered in prisons, youth wards, and hospitals. 

With so much research backing up claims that mindfulness meditation and yoga improve focus, memory, alertness, stress relief, and overall health, it's no wonder this ancient practice has finally made its way to public schools.

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, students in school experience a radical increase in self-esteem and an increase in self-image and self-confidence. By practicing yoga, students can gain confidence in their own abilities.

They can also overcome physically and mentally challenging postures with a calm mind. The curriculum also focuses on creating mutual respect, kindness and understanding – important for students who face violence and bullying in their own communities in the city.