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Best Advertising Networks To Monetize Your App

Mobile advertising is scary these days because application developers can earn very low incomes. However, many network marketing is booming and offers different solutions of monetization to serve developers to maximize their income. The most common way is charging per download for users and this is the most successful way to increase revenue.

The paid app download rate is very less when compared to the free application. However, the contradiction is, most of the free applications are the main source for revenue generation in any market. Various ways are available to change the gains using the free application. You can also look online the top app monetization platform.

Several companies are available to solve the challenges of mobile monetization. Here is a list of advertising networks to monetize.

AdMob: Google is the best AdMob mobile advertising platform in the market. Supports more than 50,000 businesses. It provides an opportunity for developers to choose ads and formats, most related to the product. The developers can be paid, when ads or banners are clicked.

InMobi is the best platform to monetize, and it involves the user in an effective way. By using InMobi ads within the application, will make way for the market to reach more than 578 million subscribers in 165 countries.

StartApp offers a software development kit that allows developers to incorporate search engine plug-in phones in their applications. Integration can take place within three to five minutes. Almost 20% of the Android mobile device using this search engine startApp and it is the leading mobile search engine.