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Choose Lawn Aeration Service

Lawn aerators hold the key to a healthy-looking lawn that you can be proud of. What the process of lawn aeration does is to make the compact layer of soil loose.

This in turn allows for a better supply of oxygen and other essential nutrients to the roots. This allows for the beauty of the top layer to shine through in the form of a green lawn.

Helping you in your endeavor would be good old lawnmowers and lawn aerators. You can also get lawn aeration services by visiting

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Rolling lawn aerators are the favorite with homeowners around the world. This type of aerator has a simple design with a drum or axle containing rows of the spike, which is pushed or towed behind a vehicle.

 The drum would press the spikes on the lawn and loosen the soil as the aerator is moved along the lawn. There are other methods too for aeration that are sometimes found useful.

For example, you can also use a garden fork or even spiked shoes for aerating small areas. You can also opt for a core aerator, which would actually remove a core of the soil.

There are several lawn professionals who believe that these core aerators are a better option than the aerators with spikes.

Whatever may be your choice, the important thing to remember is to make sure that you aerate your lawn at regular intervals of time.

The best time to aerate your lawns would be either spring or fall depending on the type of grass that your lawn has. While it is best to aerate summer grass types in spring, fall is the best time for cool-season grass types.