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Could A Wide-Margin Bible Be Right For You?

For people who take a special interest in the Bible or for those who take a scientific approach to the Bible, there is no doubt that you need a wide margin for the Bible to take notes. Even for those who like to think when they're reading or doing intensive research on Bible stories selected or verses, there is always a need for space to jot down notes. 

This is the perfect type of a Bible to each individual to do some serious thinking about the information presented. For those looking for inspiration and guidance, the need to have space for writing becomes important. You can get more information about the bible history timeline at

If you know someone who takes this approach with their personal Bible or if you do the same thing, the wide margin of the Bible is the perfect gift idea. For individuals who take notes as they read and learn there is no better gift than the kind of Bible. 

When Was the Bible Written? Complete History of Old and New Testament

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Some people may have half a dozen Bibles notes because every time they go through their book, messages and other questions come to their minds. This is a unique approach to the study of the Bible, but take notes directly when you read a great idea. 

This will help you to identify areas for further thought and investigation. Take advantage of this Bible to help yourself to clarify ideas and thoughts that you read.

There are many types and styles of biblical wide margin available for purchase. You can find this Bible on your Christian Book Center, bookstores, and online stores of various publishers. Shopping online will help you to identify the best kind of Bible for your needs.