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Different Uses Of Key Cutting Tools

Many different companies use key cutting machines. This is a convenient and universal thing. Different types are available today.

Here are some reasons to consider this essential cutting tool for keys. You can get the best information about key cutting via

key cutting

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Manual multipliers require skill and experience. You can make one-sided and double-sided copies. They work on door locks for most of the day to day use. Hotel and house doors are examples. The use of a car is another practical purpose.


This model is very effective for most keys. You may want to allow family members to use the car. You may want your key for the ignition. This machine has two stands. One for the original. The other is used to accommodate the space to be duplicated.


Semi-automatic is very similar to the automatic method. You need to monitor the device and check for duplicates. This ensures that it works. You may need to make adjustments if these are duplicated. The machine does everything for you.

Cut the barcode

This process is very similar to code snippets. Coding using a rotating wheel, the wheel cuts the code on the card. Code knives bump using a stamp. This is great for encoding double-sided cards.