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Dog Potty Training – Teach Your Dog To Release In The Right Place

Dog potty training is one of the very first lessons that your puppy has to learn. This will teach your puppy to a sense of discipline by letting it from its pooping habits. Lots of dog owners in advanced cities all over the world are practicing this kind of training as an essential part of dog ownership.

But there are still places, especially in backward areas, that don't practice this because they let their dogs out of the house. For this reason, potty training is ideal for dogs who live indoors to prevent dirt from leaking throughout the house. You can also buy the best dog waste pick up bags via while potty training for your dog.

There are some basic points to follow when introducing your puppy to potty training:


There are times when you have to wait if you want your puppy to get used to the potty. The real-time begins when you see your puppy poop. If you see dog poop inside, you should stop it and take it outside to continue.

Potty training doesn't really end with stopping them from getting rid of them and getting them out to move on. A special word must be used as a command to tell the dog to stop. This command leaves the impression on the dog's mind that it can relate to stopping and leaving.


In most cases, you won't be able to catch your dog's poop. In this case, there is no need to scold him or rub his nose on the bench. This will not help every puppy with lessons. He doesn't even remember having poop. You will have to wait a while to catch your puppy doing this before you can learn.