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Endometriosis and Infertility – Things You May Not Know

Endometriosis is a bunch of cells that form within our abdominal cavity that should not really be there. These cells form and grow with the hormonal fluctuations of the body. As our monthly lining forms within our uterus, so do the cells form and grow.

Heavy bleeding, abdominal pain, and a difficult relationship may be something you have overlooked a regular ordeal for you. If you are trying to get pregnant, you cannot ignore any symptoms that interfere again. You can also visit this website to get information about the ways of coping with endometriosis.

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Let's uncover the ways endometriosis can affect your ability to have a baby.

Scar tissue in the pelvic area

Since endometriosis causes scarring in the pelvis, other organs such as the fallopian tubes and ovaries can essentially "stick together" not moving freely. This adhesion makes it difficult for the egg to move through the fallopian tubes for causing the blockage. In addition, possible for this blockage occurs inside the fallopian tubes as well, which really interferes with your ability to have a baby.

Abnormal hormone production

The overproduction of hormones can interfere with the natural process of pregnancy. That's because certain hormones, known as prostaglandins, are very important for a woman's reproductive ability.

These hormones are necessary for many things, such as ovulation and menstruation cycles, and are usually produced at a certain time in the body. Endometriosis makes prostaglandins produce at the wrong time, which confuses the body and interrupt the normal process of reproduction.