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Feeling Depressed! Go For Depression Counseling

Depression is an illness that has the potential to cause continual unhappiness and distress. The person feeling depressed, may experience a wide range of negative feelings like hopelessness, loss of confidence or feelings of guilt.

If treated with depression counseling, it can be cured. It is the most common condition and can happen to anyone. Rather it is two to three times more common in women than men.

There is no specific cause of depression. It is often an interaction of genetic factors, body chemistry and life events. Many depressed people become emotionally detached from the people around them and withdraw into a world of their own. They prefer to be isolated like being in a prison with no windows or doors, an alienated life without friends and relatives. One can see signs and symptoms of depression such as-

• Sleep disturbances, insomnia or sleeping too much, sluggishness, anxiety and agitation.

• Changes in eating patterns, sometimes these people feel loss of appetite or over eating.

• Feeling of worthlessness and excessively guilty.

• Headaches, stomach upsets and sometimes chronic pain.

• Irritability and anger.

• Recurrent thoughts of death or suicidal thoughts.

Why counseling?

According to medical journals, depression counseling is more effective than any anti-depressant. Talking with someone always helps one to point out the cause of depression. A counselor is trained to ask the sufferer the right questions and dig out the roots of the problem to overcome. Therefore many people prefer to go for counseling.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy

Interpersonal psychotherapy is one of the short term therapies that have been proven very effective for the treatment of depression. There is deep relation between depression and interpersonal problems. The goal of interpersonal psychotherapy is to help the person to understand and cure the problem.