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First-Time Home Buyer’s Guide – Guidelines for What You Can Expect During the Process

I find that most home buyers start their search online. This is a great place to begin! This site contains information about the area, schools, real-estate trends, crime statistics, and the convenience of the community over the past 12 months. 

Ever thought of why first time home buyers should work with a licensed mortgage broker? This is where you need to narrow your search. And you should contact a broker once you have determined the exact location.

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Meet with the Realtor:

A meeting should be set up by the realtor to meet you face-to-face. The realtor will discuss your requirements and desires for a home during the meeting. Remember that you need to have the things you want. 

What now?

Your realtor will ask you if your pre-qualification is. Your realtor will usually recommend brokers or mortgage lenders to help you start the pre-qualifying process. Why? Before you spend endless weekends looking for the perfect home, it's essential to first determine if you are eligible for a mortgage. 

What time do we view our homes?

Most likely, your realtor will set you up for instant notifications to be notified of homes that match your criteria. Continue your online research. You know more than a realtor about what appeals to you. It's time to begin viewing homes once you have found the ones you like or those that your realtor has recommended.

My goal is to keep viewings to a maximum of 5-6 homes per show. My experience is that once they exceed that, the homes become blurred. Note the location, curb appeal, and layout of your home when you enter the home.

The offer is presented:

Next, you will need to create an offer package. The offer package will include the price of the offer, the amount of money that will be paid at contract signing, and the closing money. This will be mentioned if applicable. The home sellers will be more impressed with an offer if there is more money being offered.