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Foot Rehabilitation Exercises

In terms of bone and joint foot disorders you will find a lot of different choices that podiatry practitioners have to take care of foot disorders. A number of these are what are referred to as passive therapies. Most are techniques such as heat, cold, ultrasound, etc that the individual with the injury would not really do something and they're treated with interventions that are passive. Alternatively, there are what is known as the active treatment options. These are generally treatments which can be carried out by the individual with the foot problem. This would comprise of exercises like conditioning and stretching. You can find quite a bit of debate between different groups concerning if the passive or active treatments are more effective.

This whole subject was the topic of the latest PodChatLive in which the hosts had a chat with Talysha Reeve, a podiatrist from Australia with considerable experience in the active treatments  and exercise rehab of foot conditions. PodChatLive is the regular livestream where the 2 hosts decide on a topic for every show and have on some expert or pair of authorities on that theme and devote an hour or so going over that with them. The conversation is streamed live on Facebook and is afterwards available as a video on YouTube and as a sound podcast in the common podcast resources. With the edition with Talysha Reeve they discussed what are the better active treatments were and just what the considerations are which Podiatry practitioners needs to have when delivering rehab in the clinic. The incredible importance of an effective clinical thinking tactic to make those conclusions are was also talked about. In addition they spoke of the practical methods of rehab in the real world, certainly taking into consideration the biopsychosocial aspects, individual adherence as well as behaviour adjustments. A key concern which was discussed involved how well rehab lends itself to online/remote appointments that there's a growing trend towards. This episode of PodChatLive is especially suggested to podiatry practitioners to understand more about the debate about this topic.