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Getting the Best Out of Lowboy Trailers

Trailers are needed to move heavy loads from one place to another. There are many different types of trailers available – each with various features that make it suitable for a specific type of task.

Choosing the right trailer for you to use depends on what you are transporting. Therefore, it is best to understand the capabilities of a trailer before making your choice.

Understand the low loader trailers and its main features

The lowboy trailer is a heavy duty hauler used primarily for very high loads. Using a regular trailer with these height requirements means that it may not have a road permit.

This is where this pendant comes in handy. They have a very low ground clearance and allow the carrying of the highest loads.

The following are the main features of a slow trailer

• Low Bed Trailer Height: You have a very low bunk height that allows it to carry loads up to almost 12 feet high. This is a unique feature of low boys where others have a standard height of around 60-62 inches. When you're this low, you can easily move equipment over any type of terrain – be it fields or roads

• Two Drop: This trailer is available with two drop heights to accommodate heavy loads. One near the goose, the other near the rear wheels.

• Heavy Load: Low speed trailers can carry loads of up to 100 tons, making them ideal for large equipment such as cranes.

Therefore, the right trailer has to be chosen based on actual needs – type of payload, weight of payload, mileage and thus level of use. Another factor is the type of terrain expected and the ground clearance requirements.