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Guide About Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) Lawsuits

Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) can be a fatal disease that causes inflammation and destroys the intestinal tissue. Research conducted in 2019 revealed that feeding infants with formula nearly doubles the risk for developing NEC. You can visit for legal nec formula lawsuits related advice.

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But Abbott Laboratories, the manufacturer of Similac along with Mead Johnson & Company, the producer of Enfamil hasn't placed caution labels onto their product that warn of the risks that may be that come with the formula.

If your child was fed cow's milk-based food or suffered stomach-related injuries and was later diagnosed with NEC We're here to help with any questions you may have.

NEC can lead to severe problems, including:


Peritonitis is a stomach infection that can be referred to as permit

The stricture of the intestine (narrowing of the stomach)

NEC might require surgery to repair the damage to the abdomen of a newborn baby and intestines. The condition could be fatal, cause issues with growth, or even cause neurological issues.

Certain family members have submitted NEC suite with Mead Johnson & Company and Abbott Laboratories. The companies did not deliver any warning regarding the chance of NEC occurring in premature babies. Furthermore, they did not provide doctors with information on the dangers of NEC.

The following formulas are under-examined:

Similac Special Care manufactured by Abbott Laboratories

It is an Enfamil Milk Human Fortifier produced by Mead Johnson & Company

Enfamil NeuroProEnfaCare Infant Formula is manufactured by Mead Johnson & Company

There are certain deadlines to the filing of the NEC claim, therefore it is important to speak to an experienced attorney early as you can.