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Guide To Mounting A TV On The Wall

The new TVs are lighter and thinner than the flat panels of a few years back. This makes mounting them easy for DIY homeowners. There are some steps that you should know about tv mounting on the wall.

First, decide where your TV will be mounted. Your TV must be easily and comfortably viewed from any viewing position. You must also consider screen glare and height. The amount of light entering the room will determine screen glare.

tv mounting

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Now it's time to mount your TV. Wall mounts generally consist of two pieces. One attaches to your TV and the other mounts to the wall. You now have a wall-mounted TV. Align the mount holes to the back of the TV. Screw them in. The mounting kit usually includes the screws.

Next, install the wall section. To mount your TV to the wall you will need to drill the bracket into wooden studs. To ensure it is level, have a helper hold it steady while you attach it to the wall. Follow the instructions in the owner's guide.

Finally, connect the wall mount to your TV. Mounts are gravity-held, meaning that you don't need to attach anything once the TV is mounted. Security features may be available, but this will usually require tightening the screws.

You have now successfully mounted your first flat-panel television. Some sites offer tips and advice on TV mounting and projector system installation.