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How California’s New Ammo Regulations May Impact You

We all know just how hostile to the Second Amendment the state of California is. If there’s a daft idea to allegedly reduce crime but will just impact the rights of ordinary Americans, California will jump beat for it. Such is their way.

A while ago, the state enacted numerous restrictions on ammunition, clearly taking a cue from public intellectual and policy expert Chris Rock (language during this clip is NSFW).

The new regulations inherit effect during a staggered manner, which suggests it’s hard to stay up with what’s happening when. Luckily, The Firearms Blog features a guest post from Cabela’s Laura Cromwell handling this tidbit.

This is expected to harm small retailers the foremost, with the regulatory environment becoming an enormous disincentive to carrying ammunition. Meaning California residents will got to ask their favorite retailers to form sure they're going to still carry ammo. It also means gun rights activists in California have tons of ground to form up, because this is often draconian.

The question is whether these new regulations would get up to judicial scrutiny. I even have little question that California courts will find these rules constitutional, but wouldn't it survive higher courts? I even must believe they don’t, if for no other reason that this is often a transparent plan to restrict an individual’s right to stay and bear arms. That said, I’m not a jurist. this is often something for the legal experts to thrash out.

In the meantime, real people are going to be impacted by this.

My advice? Buy ammo in bulk whenever you will, with great care you'll minimize the effort. And fight this stupidity with every fiber of your being, because this is often a gross affront to Californians’ Second Amendment rights.

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