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How Can You Use Pinterest For Your Wedding Planning

Once you sign up to Pinterest, you’ll see you have your own profile with the option to create different ‘boards’ with different titles. As you start browsing through Pinterest you’ll start to find images you love, and the option to save them to a particular board. So it makes sense to create a ‘Wedding’ board and save all of your inspiration here, right?

Well… take a second first to consider all of the different elements of your wedding. The flowers, the stationery, your hair and makeup, your dress…and the list goes on. If you are looking for the perfect wedding palace or hotel or venue then you can consider hiring wedding planners to book a dreamy new house country hotel via in advance.

Only allocating one board for all of your wedding inspiration means that it could grow to contain literally hundreds of pins. Inevitably, that’s going to get super confusing when you need to start making actual decisions or communicate your inspiration to someone else!

The easiest way to organize your pins is to create a separate board for each category. One for ‘floral inspiration’, one for ‘dress inspiration’, and so on. This way, you can save each pin into the relevant category and keep things nice and streamlined.

If you’re already an active pinner with tons of boards already on topics like food or interiors, it’s a good idea to create an entirely new Pinterest account solely for your wedding planning. This way you can log in to your wedding Pinterest account with a clear frame of mind, and avoid unrelated pins from causing you distractions!

Think of your Pinterest profile as a filing cabinet, and your boards as different folders that you can file your inspiration into. When you need to refer back to a particular photo, you’ll know exactly where to find it!