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How Org Dictionary Helps Maintain A Data Dictionary?

In the present era, businesses are rapidly embracing the technological evolutions that are meant to streamline their operations, business records, project details, etc.

But, before we move ahead and discuss how Org Dictionary application helps users to maintain their data dictionary, let us first understand the major concepts related to a data dictionary and the significance of having a one in an organization. You can visit to get information about thebest salesforce data dictionary templates.

What is Data Dictionary?

To explain in a simple way, the data dictionary is a reference work of data about the data, also called metadata. This is a list of key terms that come with the definition. A data dictionary is a valuable artifacts drawn up by a data analyst for an organization, and can also be called a business glossary. A data dictionary has a profound ability to align business operations and remove confusion.

With the help of a dictionary data, users get the facility to access a database of information about what it is about, who is allowed to access, and where the database is stored in a system, etc.

In short, the data dictionary offers users a way to capture the list of descriptive names, definitions, and attributes of the various elements of data in a database or in an information system.

This allows the user to access metadata compact with different characteristics such as the length of the data elements, types of data, the frequency of the data, the source system derived, date of entry and more.