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How Your Child’s Thumb Sucking Affects Their Teeth As an Adult

If you’re like most parents, you’ve likely witnessed your child sucking his or her thumb. This is a natural coping response whereby young children feel secure and safe. Thumb sucking is done frequently during the infant stage when one’s baby teeth grow in.

During the infancy and young child stages, it is not much to worry about. It is during this stage that baby teeth begin to fall out and are replaced with permanent teeth. Prolonged (especially aggressive) thumb sucking can create dental and oral health issues in the years to come.You can also buy thumb sucking guard from amazon canada website in order to stop sucking thumb

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Dental Problems

Amid your frustration with your child for not giving up the thumb sucking habit, you may have inadvertently stated that your child’s teeth will be ruined forever because of the bad habit. “You’ll mess up your teeth if you continue with the thumb sucking,” you may have said to your child. You may have even threatened your child with the declaration that they will be crooked as an adult.

While it can cause crooked, deformed teeth and jaw alignment, most of these issues are dealt with and treated in childhood and then through adolescence so that healthy teeth and straight as children become adults.

The most common dental problems that can lead to excessive thumb-sucking your child include:

· Overbite

· Problem eat and say the words

· Jaw Parallel

· Malformations of the roof of the mouth

· Loss of teeth Premature

· Temporandular Joint Disorder (TMJ)