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Ideas To Break The Finger Sucking Habit Of A Toddler

Children are born with a natural sucking reflex that often turns into pleasant behaviours. It's not uncommon for babies or young children to find a thumb or finger to soothe them when they are tired or upset.

Ultrasound scans found that thumb sucking can be started before birth, an additional 15 weeks after conception. Although the sucking reflex disappears by about four months of age, some babies continue to breastfeed voluntarily with a thumb or finger to soothe it. You need to take appropriate action to end your child's thumb sucking habit. 

This gives children a sense of protection and rests while they fall asleep. Finger sucking can be one of the most entertaining aspects of childhood. 

The most obvious consequences of persistent thumb or finger habits are:

• Push the upper front teeth (incisors) and lower incisors inward … as a result of the "Bucky Beaver" smile.

• Narrowing of the soft tissue in the roof of the mouth, causing a crossbite.

• Stops normal development of the mandible, resulting in a recessive or "weak" chin.

• Prevents front teeth from tearing and causing an open bite.

Ultimately, if the child doesn't stop sucking his or her own thumb, an orthodontist can install a device that takes away the comfort that the child gets when they suck their thumb.