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Keys That Unlock The Mysteries Of The Bible!

When we are confronted with the mystery we are dealing with secrets that can only be known if they are shown to us by some outside entity. What if all reality is a mystery? What if we would be closer to the truth if we would say my confidence is just as bad as yours, not just as good as you? What if there was a way for us to understand the reality of anything? 

If these are the facts of this issue, then we search for the reality of life that will be under the control of the entity who knows the truth. Let's think about this one step further. What if there is an entity that has been playing with our minds? What if our minds have been programmed to believe things as truth that exists only in our minds? You can get more information about the detailed bc and ad timeline online at

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What if there is an entity that has a sinister plan for us? What if the entities that work day and night to program us to believe a lie? What if an entity wants to control our minds for personal gain? If there is one who will be able to do this to us, then there may be a lot of people who work with these entities to do this to us. 

What if most of those who taught us to believe lies. What if most of what we have been taught is a lie? What if most of what we have accepted as truth is a lie? If there is an entity who led a rebellion against the truth, there may be an entity that wants us to know the truth. What if there was a place where we can learn the truth?