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Know About White Tea

In recent years, tea drinking has seen a huge increase in popularity. Tea has been the most loved drink in many countries for centuries. Today, however, tea continues to gain new followers. Many people are switching from coffee to tea due to its health benefits and lower caffeine.

We've noticed a lot more tea drinking trends as a result of the renewed interest in tea. White tea is one of the most sought-after and popular options right now. White tea is light and sweet, making it one of the best teas. White tea has many health benefits and many people have never heard of them. You can buy the best quality white tea from

white tea

Camellia sinensis is the same plant that makes white tea as all other teas. It is harvested earlier than other teas because the leaves are not fully opened. The tea buds are still covered in fine white hair at this stage of the growth process. This is why it's called white tea.

White tea is harvested at a different time from other teas. It is also different in that it is not fermented and undergoes very minimal processing. The leaves are simply steamed, then dried. Tea harvesters may steam the leaves in the field and let them dry in the sunlight. This preserves the delicate taste of white tea.