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Leading 10 ways to Aggravate your website visitors

Let's face it. It is actually tough to come up with brand-new methods to completely aggravate visitors to your website.

I believed I would share some manner ins which I have actually discovered to aggravate visitors and drive them away, thus conserving you cash on your hosting expenses. These ideas are not in order according to their efficiency, nevertheless, # 1 is without a doubt the most reliable. For 100% efficiency, utilize any 3 of these strategies.

1. Set up a script to disable everybody's ideal mouse click button. When somebody attempts to right-click, make sure to turn up an actually insulting caution that implicates them of attempting to take your secret HTML code. Disabling the right-mouse click button will permit you to:

Keep the visitor from bookmarking your website

Keep the visitor from utilizing the forward and back web browser functions

Keep the visitor from opening your links in a brand-new window

Keep the visitor from stopping a sluggish loading or hung page

Keep the visitor from utilizing a page refresher function to fix a display screen issue

Keep the visitor from printing your secret material

Keep the visitor from utilizing such prohibited tools as the Google website details tool

Undoubtedly the visitors can do all of these things with the buttons at the top of the web browser, however possibly they will not understand that and just disappear as you planned when you disabled their harmful right-click button.

2. Develop a truly long page then begins playing your preferred tune and put the stop and volume controls at the really bottom of the page. This will make certain they do among the following:

Listen to the whole tune all the way through 5 times while reading your material, which shows them deserving of experiencing your website

Attempt frantically to discover the Stop button

Go elsewhere to stop the tune from playing.

3. Choose ahead of time what screen resolution your visitors need to utilize in order to see your pages. It is definitely an excellent method to drive them off when they need to scroll from side to side to check out sentences of details. You can make this 100% reliable by making your pages so broad that no display can show it.

4. The truly expert irritator will not go for simply one unknown web browser plug-in. Go for the gold. Usage numerous puffed-up plug-ins that nobody has actually currently set up. This ought to repel all newbies due to the fact that they normally have no concept how to set up even one plug-in, much less 3. Experienced internet users will be glad to invest 20 minutes setting up plug-ins to see your special material.

5. When the visitor comes to your website, make certain to appear a minimum of 2 advertisements behind their web browser window and a minimum of 2 advertisements in front of their window. This will provide great deals of alternatives in where to go now that they have actually been adequately inflamed to prefer to leave immediately. Much more crucial is the method you deal with the periodic hard case that in fact remains on your website after all of your efforts. When they leave, advise them to never ever return. Start turning up windows all over their display with windows that increase each time they attempt to close them.

6. Register to utilize an actually slow-loading hit counter and put the button within a TABLE so that absolutely nothing appears till the hit counter reacts. This is potentially the very best method to keep visitors from stealing from you as it keeps them from even reading your material and potentially typing it into their website from memory. For this to work dependably, you need to prevent putting the height and width into the call for the hit counter graphic. You can enhance the efficiency of this method by placing not just a hit counter button, but a long string of banner exchange banners.

7. For the periodic visitor that unintentionally makes their method to your ezine membership type, fear not. All is not lost. You can still rid yourself of them by asking lots and great deals of individual concerns. Do not simply request their e-mail address. Request their mailing address, telephone number, age, pastimes, faith, race and some other things finest not talked about here. This method works similarly well when applied to your order forms and decreases your journey to the UPS workplace to deliver items.

8. Splash page. You got ta have a Splash Page. Great deals of sluggish packing animation. If you can integrate this with the requirement to download another unknown plug-in, you'll have struck a crowning achievement. I'm specifically impressed by the lots of websites that have upped the ante to consist of 2 splash pages prior to you ever get to even the very first word of material. Spectacular! Fantastic!

9. Reconfigure the visitor's internet browser window. This will drive them insane! Individuals dislike it when you run a script on your pages that broadens the user's internet browser window to fill the whole screen and after that get rid of all of the internet browser Toolbar functions such as the Navigation Toolbar and the Place Toolbar,

10 Lastly, an oldie however gift. Make your background dark and your text simply a shade or 2 better. This makes it difficult to read your text and will rid you of visitors prior to they have an opportunity to block you server logs. If this is not possible on your website, utilize the alternate method of putting the majority of your material in PDF files so that the visitor needs to download them and launch another application. Extremely efficient.

Did I point out that all of these cool methods to aggravate visitors work even much better at repealing individuals evaluating your website for locations like Yahoo, LookSmart, and other directory sites to whom you've paid large amounts of cash to evaluate your website and include it to their directory site?

I hope this assists in your future marketing choices.