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Match Your Mood With Colored Lighting

Nothing says mood and party like brightly colored light bulbs. When people want to add a festive or cheerful feel to a room, changing the lighting is the way to go. Whether temporary or permanent, colored party lights can have drastic or subtle effects depending on the type of light bulb and the amount used. 

They are available both online and in stores. Some websites offer special discounts for wholesale purchases. This particular lighting device is definitely not your everyday halogen bulb. You can find the best outdoor colored lights online. 

LED Strip Lighting (Pontoon Edges & Under Fender) - Maricer

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Here's a look at the many varieties that can change the mood with just a few simple steps and the push of a button:-

Standard:- Transparent standard lamp is available in various colors. They create a strong hue that changes appearance when turned on. The most common are 15, 25 and 40 watts with a screw base. Use pink for a little girl's birthday, orange for Halloween, and green for the Christmas holidays. 

Ceramic:- Ceramic light bulbs provide a subdued color for parties or special events. They are specially coated to prevent fire hazards and changing light. They are available in a variety of socket sizes and capacities. Add a soft glow by inserting different colored light bulbs into different lamp stands. 

Spotlights:- When it's time for an outdoor patio party, highlight it with colored spotlights. They come in all the colors of the rainbow and more. Create brightly colored areas in pink, blue and red in the garden or wash the deck under mysterious green lighting.