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Mobile Ad Mediation: What Is It And How Does It Help App Developers?

If you want to monetize your app through advertising, you will most likely come across the term "mobile advertising". Although this term is used widely, it can be difficult to know if the solution is right for your application.

What is media advertising?

In short, mobile advertising is an application monetization solution that allows application developers to set up, manage, and optimize multiple mobile advertising networks with single SDK integration. You can also browse the internet to gather more information about all the leading ad formats supported for mediation.

Who uses mobile advertising?

The short answer, application developer. The long answer is that app developers want to use the inventory of multiple ad networks to better optimize the revenue generated from their apps.

How does mobile advertising work?

First, the user starts the application and triggers an ad request. Then the switching platform accepts the user parameters. The optimization mechanism for the clearing platform then determines which mediated ad sources can populate the query with the highest CPM. In the end, the best-paid ads are served to users.

Why is media advertising important to app developers?

1. Advertising Media Platform: Maximize sales with advertising and eCPM

This is one of the most important reasons to use a mediation platform. Simply put, connecting to multiple advertising networks increases your ad revenue.

2. Maximize the filling speed

The same is true for the fill rate, which is the number of ads the ad network is showing (impressions) compared to the number of ads wanted (queries). Just because your app needs ads on the network doesn't mean it will show.