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Pedal Go Karts For Kids of All Ages

These pedal go-karts look great! Your little guy can have fun zooming around like the big guys. You can purchase karts with chain drive and safe hand brakes. They have high-back racer-like seats, large anti-slip pedals, and a sturdy frame. You can have your child operate the smaller go-karts as early as age 3. You can buy the amazing pedal karts from

There are sizes that will fit everyone, including children as young as three years old. If you are a fan of go-kart racing, you can get your kids started early and let them grow up with the sport. These small go-karts can be controlled by children as they rule the streets.

Many pedal go-karts are made from a variety of plastics. They are lightweight and easy to maintain. There are others that look exactly like the original, though made from heavy-duty welded metal. Pedal karts offer children a better workout than motorized toys or batteries and give them total control. 

Many of these karts have forward and reverse gearboxes that allow the driver to pedal in reverse. You can choose from a range of colors to delight both boys or girls. It's hard to imagine a child not wanting to enjoy the thrill of go-kart racing and ride in the wind. There are many go-karts for children ages 3-8. You can let your children explore the world through go-karts, but only within their limits.

Older children will think it's cool to pedal go-karts with 7 gears, steel frames, and disc brakes. They also have pneumatic racing tires and ball-bearing steering. The pedaling assembly is smooth and efficient.