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Please Don’t Modify Your 2021 Ford Bronco

Why would anyone buy the brand new 2021 Ford Bronco as a daily driver? The new Bronco is a off road vehicle designed to tackle the most challenging surfaces possible. In exchange for fuel economy and aerodynamics, the 2021 Ford Bronco is designed which rugged mechanics and gear ratios suitable for climbing steep hills with very little traction. The trouble is, almost every single new Ford Bronco will never see any off road driving whatsoever.

The truth is, these new off road trucks will almost all simply be daily drivers with there potential wasted sitting in rush hour traffic in a typical commute. Instead of buying a vehicle that is designed to meet the actual needs of a daily driver, many people will rush out and buy the new 2021 Ford Bronco and upgrade it's lighting, and suspension, and tires. All of these modifications will be completely for show and not serve any function in terms of what they actually use there Bronco for.

The internet has adopted the slang term mall crawler or pavement princess for these types of vehicles, and they are commonly found cruising the city streets. If you buy a 2021 Ford Bronco TailHappyTV recommends you don't go down the modification rabbit hole and spend twice as much as you need to on a off road truck you're never going to use for it's intended purpose.