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Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror With Alexa Support

If you are interested in building your own mirror with an optional smart Raspberry Pi Alexa integration, you might be interested in this smart mirror project. This project is classified as a mid-level construction and should take about eight hours to complete from start to finish.

A 3 Model B Raspberry Pi is pre-loaded with the Raspberry Pi operating system Raspbian official. A 21-inch computer monitor has been used to provide a rear view mirror panel covered by Window Film. You may get more information regarding raspberry pi smart mirror via

alexa smart mirror

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The goal of this smart mirror is low cost and is made of parts available. It all depends on the use of ordinary photo frames, and window film to convert into a two-way mirror glass. 

You then attach the monitor to a wooden frame and attach the monitor to your mirror. Finally, you get the software running on the Raspberry Pi, and is placed in the back of the monitor.

The project also includes the installation Alexa bonus. a smart mirror you will be great without it, but it's good to have a voice assistant in the mirror to ask the tough questions, or home automation control. 

If there are disconnected monitor controls, include the exposed backward of the circuit board with the electrical board, and tape it to the back of your monitor.