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Reasons To Migrate Your Web Site To An Open Source CMS

If you are looking to migrate your website to an open source content management system (CMS) then this article is very helpful to you. Here we will discuss the great reasons why to migrate your site.  Consider the following reasons for migrating your web site to a content management system (CMS).

1. Online support 

Unlike propriety CMS and web development applications, there are many options when it comes to the support of open source CMS. And most of this support is free. There are freely available manual to download for the most popular CMS packages. If you look around you can also find excellent animated tutorials for the most popular packages. Open source means well supported. You can check out drupal migration services via various online resources.

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2. Various designs

There are hundreds of free website templates for open source CMS packages. An online search for free templates will give you an idea of the range and variety. CMS offered by web hosting will include several templates that can be easily customized.

If you want something unique and special, there are commercial template developing companies that can design CMS templates for you. More exotic components include weather and news feeds, wiki, media galleries, forums, blogging, CRM, form capture databases and advanced SEO features. And that's just the start

The emergence of open source CMS packages means that anyone can now have a professional web site that they can edit, manage and enhance at very little cost. Spend a day investigating CMS options, start with Drupal and Joomla. You will not regret.