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Robotic Personal Coaches of the Future Considered

All of the tasks that humans are doing today will be done by robots. Less complex or technical tasks in manufacturing will likely take precedence. This is already happening. Returning to the car washes industry, it was one of the first industries to introduce robotics into car washes tunnels, similar to modern conveyor lines.

What if I told you that in the future you could have a holographic or robotic yoga teacher? You might think I would be stupid if I offered this, but I wouldn't. Think about whether you got how many yoga teachers you got today or how much your massage cost. You can get in touch with the best fitness apps via

With robots doing all of this work, you probably won't have to worry if yoga, stretching, or weight loss is as high as someone thinks you are. 

What about a route coach who moves back and forth as you pass from the inside of the route to the edge and provides your department (interval runs) and encouraging words? You now know that many high schools cut back on their exercise programs for cost reasons. You may see how easy it is to build such a robot and why it makes sense.

 You already have a running robot rabbit for racing dogs. So what's the difference between people – you follow the stars, they all go round and round like the rest of society – and remember, I can say this like before to be a running star in college.