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Shipping/Mailing Envelopes – They’re Not All The Same

Thanks to innovations in the e-commerce market, virtual businesses are a huge plus for many traditional retailers and an even bigger opportunity for new entrepreneurs. At the same time, consumers have used "mouse clicks" to save time and fuel by eliminating the need to shop at physical locations in stores. In this article, we are going to tell you about a high priority product essential for e-commerce growth, which is called envelope delivery. 

If you are trying to purchase a premium brand custom printed poly mailers, Returned Poly Mailer, or Poly Bubble Mailer, the sealing tape should work fine. Otherwise, it's clear that the product you ship will be damaged or stolen in transit. Usually, the tape gets damaged and dries up. 

Understanding Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express

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Contrary to what some customer service representatives say, it's important to test the size of the email first to see if it meets your needs. The reason is that you will easily find that the dimensions of the Metallic Bubble Mailer are usually different from the standard version of the Kraft Bubble Mailer. Instead, it is important to sample the size of the shipment so you know how your product will or will not match the measurements. 

The ability to post promotional codes, shipping codes, or descriptive labels outside of this postal service is essential. A noticeable thickness is also required if you wish to add custom printing to your e-mail program. For poly mailers, the standard thickness per million is 2.5. So keep in mind what you are actually buying. Unfortunately, if you order the 3.0mm thick and don't do it, you'll pay more for the less powerful version.