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Soft Serve Ice Cream Makers

Soft ice cream has a creamy consistency and is typically dispensed on demand. Soft serve or "quick-serve" ice cream is similar to regular ice cream, but since it's mixed in a machine it has a softer texture and taste. There are different flavors available at restaurants and hamburger eateries. Now you can make your very own delicious recipes with soft serve ice cream machine.

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There are many types of machines to choose from, whether online or locally. You have expensive machines that cost thousands of dollars and then you have less expensive models that cost $30. 

These machines include Cuisinart, KitchenAid, and Rival/White Mountain. The type of machine varies by model and your choice depends on the type of soft serve you want to make – electric or hand-crank. Sometimes there is also a choice between ice or rock salt, freezer bowl, and self-contained compressor freezers.

There are many choices in ingredients when making soft-serve desserts. Some may include a recipe book. Soft serve is stiffer than conventional ice cream because it has less fat content, and this can be achieved with less milk in the mix. You can make a fresh liquid mix that needs to be refrigerated and only lasts up to 1 week or buy premade mixes.

To make a soft serve, simply enter your mix and wait for it to chill. You'll know when it's ready because the machine will tell you. Use cold water to wash the maker before and after you use it so that it doesn't get contaminated.