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Some Common FAQs Related To CNG Conversion Kits

Are you walking around with certain questions related to CNG conversion in your mind? Well, we will try to answer some common FAQs related to CNG Conversion kits installation in Chandigarh. You must read the information carefully so that all the doubts get cleared.

Does the performance of your vehicle get affected?

You may or may not know that CNG has higher octane value and is premium gasoline that doesn’t affect the performance of your vehicle, provided the Conversion kit must be installed from authorized CNG Fitment Centre in Chandigarh. Installing the spurious quality of kit just for the sake of money may affect the performance of your car engine.

How much time it will take to convert the car from petrol to CNG?

Depending on the type of CNG kit you are going to install in your car, it almost takes one to two days. As you may or may not know that CNG kits are available in two different types.

If you are going to replace the diesel engine with the CNG, then certain parameters must be taken care of along with analyzing the condition of your vehicle. If you are going to convert the petrol engine into any CNG type, then it can be done easily.  On average, 2000 vehicles are converted into CNG daily. This is because of eco and pocket-friendly fuel types.

How far I can go with one litre of CNG?

In one litre of CNG, you can go as far as you go with one litre of gasoline, yes but the price per litre is different from that of gasoline. It will cost around 43-45 per litre whereas the price of petrol in our country is above 65 in every state. So, you can find the difference. If your car goes 15 Km in one litre, then the same km can be covered with CNG.

We hope the above-mentioned questions and answers will definitely help you in deciding the installation of a CNG kit in your vehicle. If you need more help, you can contact CNG experts.