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Some Common Problems That A Scrum Master Faces

The Scrum Master's primary responsibility is to facilitate this work strategy and ensure that the team achieves its sprint targets. 

Unexpected errors and small glitches are inevitable, so scrum masters must have a plan or potential solution ready. This is time-saving, efficient, and allows one to sharpen his crisis management skills over the long term. If you are interested, you can also learn about the safe scrum master certification through

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The most common problem is when the product owner fails to provide the product backlog to the team in a timely manner. It is hard for a development team not to know the priorities of the product owners.

The scrum master has several options depending on the situation. The scrum master could allow the whole team to stop sprinting, particularly if it is for a few days. A development team could, on the other hand, continue with their planning meetings without prioritizing the backlog, especially if they have already completed successful sprints.

If they have a good idea of the direction that the product is heading, the team can create a rough draft and submit it to the Product Owner. The team can also use this time to reflect on their work and get feedback to improve the scrum process.

Another problem is the lack of strict time-boxed sprints. This is especially true for MNCs that do a lot of work overseas. To ensure scrum patterns are followed, it is important to have a clear policy. Any breach of protocol is unacceptable.

This dilemma can be solved depending on many factors, such as the size of the team, time constraints, nature of the project, etc. A master might choose to use both of the methods before settling on one or the other.