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Staying in Singapore Serviced Apartment While on Business

Why entrepreneurs and executives need a serviced apartment in Singapore?

1. It takes one day to combine each company, making the company seal and sign up to register for the Work Injury Compensation Insurance. It was three days in all.

2. If you need any permission from the government, then the process can take up to 14 days. You can apply for permission and go on hunting property in the time required for a permit to come through. To discover more details about Singapore serviced apartment check here

Staying in Singapore Serviced Apartment While on Business

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3. If you have chosen the property at that time, it will take you 17 days so far. If the hunting lease your property and formalities have not been completed, you will need more time. Remember that the rental office takes time and if you are renting a conventional office, then you will have to rent it for at least 2 years.

4. Once registration is complete and works on the place, the time to start the fit-out work. Simultaneously, stationery has to be printed and the government must be notified of business addresses and other developments. You must register with the authority's provident fund. All this process takes time, and total time set-up, including the completion of the financial formalities, also can stretch up to 2 months.

If you are staying in a hotel during this time, you will have to spend through the nose, and eating greasy, oily foods. A living will affect your finances and your health. Also, if you are accompanied by your family, can cause more discomfort.