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The Types and Benefits of wool sneaker sweaters

All 100 percent wool clothes and products are made from the hair or fur of animals. Depending on the kind of animal the wool is from will determine the characteristic and attribute of the product. You can also buy the latest collection of men’s hoodies and sweatshirts.

The wool from sheep is the most well-known kind of wool. Sheep wool is used in most kinds of clothing available and has been used for centuries and some sources say thousands of years.

Most folks do not realize that there are different kinds of sheep in different parts of the world and they each lend a certain attribute to the products made from their hair or fur.

One commonly known type is Merino wool. This comes from the merino sheep that are most commonly raised in Australia and New Zealand.

Supply is readily available and most sweaters produced from this very soft wool can be found in any department store for well under one hundred dollars.

In the Shetland Islands, they raise Shetland sheep and you can find some pretty high end knitted sweaters made from their wool.

You can also find sweaters made from the hair of Kashmir goats. These animals are raised in the Asian highlands and their hair is clipped on a yearly basis as well.