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The World Of Recruitment Has Changed In Jakarta

The area of recruiting has changed considerably over the years with the arrival of job boards. Some people aren't conscious of the difference between job boards and search engines, but a project board, like Indeed, essentially lists jobs for companies.

In the event of Truly, employers may post jobs at no cost, or they may pay a fee to get their job more conspicuously displayed. You can get services of recruitment agency in Jakarta via

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Search engines, on the other hand, do exactly what search engines always do and that is to explore the net and compile listings of jobs available they get from work boards together with company sites.

So there's now a new fact in the area of recruiting agencies in that companies are not going to pay an agency a commission to hire a worker that they can receive from a job board for nothing or on payment of a small fee to market their listing.

In actuality, if you're a recruitment agency, by way of instance, and you have candidates possible who are actively out searching for jobs, your recruiting agency is heading for collapse. If these candidates are actively searching for jobs, then they'll be listed elsewhere also, either with other agencies or on job boards or both.

If you consider it, a candidate who has decided to search for a new job isn't only listed on job boards and other agencies but in all likelihood is participating with companies directly on social networking, such as LinkedIn too. Even if a candidate reacts to you from a job board, you compete with other people and your chances of a successful positioning are diminishingly small.