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Top 5 Tactical Gear Items For Law Enforcement

There is no doubt that our police, SWAT, and other law enforcement agencies are constantly put in harms way on a daily basis. This is why it is critical that all safety personnel be equipped with the right tactical gear. While there are several items that law enforcement will want to make sure they possess, below is a list of the top 5 tactical gear items that are a must.

First on the list is a quality tactical boot. When most people think of tactical boots they think “heavy”. This is just the opposite of what you want. A good, quality tactical boot will be light and have almost a runner’s feel.

That brings me to my second item; tactical knives. Choose from a fixed blade or folding blade but whatever you choose make sure you have one on your person. The need will arise often for a knife in both tactical and non tactical situations.

Third, is a back-up concealed carry belt system kit. In law enforcement you will need all of the following pouches: A cuff pouch, a gun holster, baton pouch, Mace/flashlight pouch and a double magazine pouch. All of these pouches are essential to your everyday routine and safety.