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V5AP For Airplay Devices

We’ve had a our fair share of speakers sent over for review, usually they are always Bluetooth, but there are a handful of Airplay speakers that exist and we thought we’d give the Wren V5AP a review, solely based on the design.

This is honestly the only reason I wanted to give this a try. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Airplay speakers. A speaker that I can only connect over WiFi at my house isn’t always something I want to mess with. Bluetooth is so much more mobile and creates a better user experience.

Obviously I can plug my device directly into the Wren, but we’re defeating the idea of a wireless age when we resort to plugging directly into the device, but I digress.

Either way, the speaker looks sexy as hell and I couldn’t wait to see (hear?) the sound that would blast out of it. So I received the $399 speaker and have been giving it the run around to see if you really should drop a hefty amount for this piece of bamboo sexy.


Again, the Wren V5AP was only requested because of the design. I loved the way it looked, and really felt like it could mesh well in any setting, no matter how modern or pretensious you might be. This thing is absolutely gorgeous, featuring nice curves and a bamboo case.

The only thing about the design that I don’t like is the gray fabric that lines the front. In pictures it looked great, but up close it looks a little like the 90’s forgot to call and ask for it back. If there was another option for color instead of gray it might fit better with the Bamboo or even the Rosewood color, but oh well, it’s still a sexy speaker.

The speaker is actually on the small size, something you wouldn’t guess by the sound – but we’ll get to that later. Sitting at just over 6″ tall, about 16.7″ wide and 4.25″ deep, the Wren V5AP will fit almost anywhere.

Whether you want to throw it on a shelf or countertop, you really can get this anywhere without it taking up too much space or even looking out of place.

On the right side of the speaker lie a Power button, volume up/down and a source button (with accompanying WiFi/Aux/USB indicators. Your inputs are on the back and don’t really take away from the overall look of the speaker.


Overall, the Wren V5AP is a beautiful speaker that will look good anywhere you put it. If you can get past (or if you absolutely love) the gray fabric on the front, which I was able to do just by how sleek the bamboo looks. I moved this from my computer desk (side note, this looks gorgeous next to my iMac) to my nightstand to a bookshelf. It fit everywhere and looked great!


Setup is a breeze, there really is nothing to it. Just plug it in, turn it on, choose the source and you’re pretty much ready to go. If you choose WiFi, it’ll take just a few seconds to get it blasting it’s signal, connect to it via WiFi from your iMac/PC/iOS device and once you do that, follow just another step getting it latched on to your WiFi and then you are good to go. If you aren’t familiar with AirPlay, read a little up on it to make sure it is right for you. It’s definitely an easy setup that only takes seconds.